September 2nd, 2010


Peter Facinelli talks about Rob

- 13:20 – Explains why he is Team Edward
- 14:05 – Talks about working with Rob “He’s fantastic”. Talks about him looking like a “homeless guy”, the hair extensions and finally seeing him as Edward. “He’s a cool guy, very professional, he’s always thinking,…”
- 16:23 – Talks about filming Twilight in Oregon and going to open-mic nights where Rob would play for the cast.
- 40:18 - Other than Carlisle, he would love to play Edward in Twilight
- 53:25 – Actors he enjoyed working with the most: Burt Reynolds, Edie Falco, Rob, Kristen, …
- 59:00 – Talks about pranks and mentions the “card story” during New Moon. Always funny :)

thanks to TomsOfMain and Robertpattinsonnews-uk