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Cute fan Encounter is cute.

We were alerted to the most adorable fan encounter from when Pattinson apparently visited the Buddy Holly museum in Lubbock, Texas. First up, if you had a hard time believing R.Pattz was charming in his offbeat way, then checkout this Twilight fan's story from the Buddy Holly museum.

If you're one of those people who spend 24/7 on your computer, of course, you've seen this. But for those who just like cute stories and don't religiously blog, here's a brief rundown:

"I was rounding a corner with the stroller and there he was scruffy and all... I just spit out, 'Rob is that you?' He turned around, looked at me, and started laughing and said, 'No no, you've got the wrong guy,' but duh... I heard his sweet voice, I knew it was him. He kept smiling... my 14 month old was babbling, so Rob bent down a little and said, 'Hi there'…Rob was so nice and polite even though he looked sleepy. He said he was going to head out and asked me nicely not to post anything about his whereabouts for a few hours. He gave my son's hand a little tug and said 'Nice meeting you', then he said the biggest compliment ever, 'I hope when I have a kid he's as beautiful as you!' (talking to my son)"

thanks to aristopattz

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